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My name is Carolina Karpati

I'm a multi-disciplinary artist

living and working in Raanana, Israel


I was recently invited

to showing in the exhibition

"PERSONAL STRUCTURES – open borders"

at the European Cultural Center

as part of the 2019 Venice Biennale

(curated by the GAA Foundation) 

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I was born in Venezuela, a South American country that absorbed my Polish maternal grandparents and 4 out of 6 of their children (my mother among them), as well as my father, a Hungarian survivor of World War II.

The passion I feel for artistic expression, for innovation and the unlimited human creative capacity, fills me with concerns and satisfaction.  Giving life to new ideas and executing these generate cheer and hope in me. I try to demonstrate that life can be a path of enjoyment if you are capable of appreciating the beauty around you. In the same manner, the marvelous colors that nature gifts us, and how throughout history humanity has experimented and benefited from for its own creations, are valuable proof of the resource at our disposal.


Through art, I feel that somehow my emotions are restored, in light of the enjoyment of what is beautiful and significant to me. The act of exposing my sentiments and ideas in a completely transparent fashion gives me the opportunity to transmit the course of my life before my eyes, showing that we are susceptible to changes and rectifications. In a definitive way, our conduct and human complexities profoundly affect those around us, with artistic expression being part of that transmission.


I conceive the need to pronounce myself and explore new tendencies, designs, combinations of styles, and materials that help me recreate a new vision of contemporary art. In this manner, I see it as the possible opening of emotions for the spectator in many interesting and positive ways, giving them the chance to contact the imagination of their inner child. I use materials that facilitate in a given moment, the expression of my personal ideas and feelings. I generally draw on the canvas, and other times I simply improvise and let myself be taken away, without any pattern or previously established structure. Anything could come from it...


Part of my new artworks is digitally designed and made from my original works of the series "Faces" in vitro fusion. Each of these faces has been artistically crafted with colorful glass pieces and baked. Then, retouched and modified in digital and printed on Plexiglass. My latest exhibitions: Israel, Colombia, Spain, Brasil, National Chateau of Lysice, Czech Republic, Spain, Poland, USA, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, among others.

Click here to see my CV.



















It's a wonderful opportunity to be a part of this major contemporary art exhibition, which takes place once every two years in Venice, Italy. My work will be shown from 11 May - 24 November 2019, a period of over six months, where will be approximately 170 artists on 3000 sqm. exhibition space. By free entry for all visitors, the expectations are over 500.000 people to visit the exhibition during the six months. The GAA Foundation and the European Cultural Center dedicate several rooms for solo presentations, while other rooms will be dedicated to present a combination of artists. This 2019 exhibition, with the title “Personal Structures”, will document current developments and thoughts in contemporary art around the philosophical concepts “Time, Space, Existence”, showing the commonness and differences between Europeans in dialogue with works of non-Europeans. In addition, the exhibition stimulates a more conscious relationship from the spectator towards his daily surrounding aiming to increase the awareness of their own personal Existence as human beings influenced by a specific Culture within Time and Space.








































The Room 3G (Third floor, Palazzo Mora) would be dedicated exclusively to my presentation in Palazzo Mora (Venice), for six months on 2019. Since the exhibition is free entry for all visitors, the GAA Foundation is unfortunately not capable of paying all costs by itself. To help cover the expenses for this 6 months long exhibition, I was asked to find substantial additional funding. Therefore, I am asking for your support to make my presence at the 58th Venice Biennale a reality.





Carnivals throughout history have varied in their significance. From their beginnings of religious abstinence, they were transformed into pagan festivals and then manifested as Dionysian celebrations. What has probably not been altered for a long time is the effect on human behavior. The disinhibition, euphoria, and escape, using social, economic and/or political reasons, emerge in the masses. Every day is abruptly torn from consciousness, generating in people a break in their regular behavior. The masks, objects of a hidden entity, temporarily dissolve the self, to transform it into a trip to the subliminal unknown space.


With this art exhibition, my main objective is to expose those false faces that hide either in the carnivals, and even in everyday life (often through social networks) the true emotions. To do this, the masks are placed so that they can avoid the raw or painful realities of their own existence, giving, then, an irreverent face of their life.




As a Non-Profit organization, The cultural activities promoted by The GAA Foundation and The European Cultural Centre have to be sponsored by third parties. The supporters and sponsors will have access to a wide range of benefits.  Sponsorship can be given by public or private entities to a specific artist or gallery as well as directly to the European Cultural Centre. 


Sponsorship opportunities are available at various levels. The Foundation works to develop a plan that meets the objectives and budget. Exhibition sponsors of the GAA Foundation receive prominent exposure and acknowledgment before, during, and after the run of the exhibition. Benefits depend on the level of sponsorship. Since 2011, when we started organizing exhibitions as an official part of the Venice Biennale, we have partnered with several cultural and government institutions, companies as well as private sponsors.







To ensure prominent recognition of exhibition sponsors, the Foundation develops a credit line to accompany the exhibition title in all materials produced in conjunction with the exhibition.




In addition to the opportunity to co-host the exhibition’s opening event with GAAF in one of the Foundation’s magnificent spaces, corporations can schedule dinners, luncheons, breakfasts, and private VIP tours during the run of the exhibition. Corporations have found these events to be a unique and effective tool for reaching important constituencies, such as customers, clients, and employees, and for launching new products and divisions through a multitude of options.




The Foundation’s professional Communications Office is sensitive to the sponsor’s needs and specific public relations goals. In addition to the GAA Foundation’s own promotional activities, our staff will work closely with the corporate sponsor’s public-relations representatives to develop a strategic marketing plan and coordinated press effort for the exhibition.




The GAA Foundation’s website, as well as the related websites of each Palazzo, offers up-to-date information on the Foundation’s programs to audiences reaching far beyond the visiting public. Over 500,000 people visit our website each year.




Sponsors receive a discount on all merchandise and catalogs produced in connection with the exhibition. Many corporations choose to distribute exhibition catalogs as gifts to their customers and clients.




Specially designed programs extend an exhibition’s impact, educating and inspiring a vast and diverse audience. As a sponsor, the company will enjoy positive exposure through education programs at the Palazzi for the general public, families, schools, teachers, and students of all ages and nationalities. Programs include talks by exhibiting artists and/or architects, curator-led tours, workshops, courses, festivals, among other events.



To obtain more detailed information, please press the following link: 




Carolina Karpati - ART 2019 - OFFICIAL I
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