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Through art, I try to demonstrate that life can be a path of enjoyment if we are capable of appreciating the beauty around us.


My art is an expression of my own reality, as well as the internalization of human behavior and its interaction with nature. I feel my art unique because it wants to transmit the fullness, happiness, joy and colorful which could characterize life, occasionally even in a humorous way.


Part of my new artworks are digitally designed and made from high-resolution photographs of my original works of the series of faces in fused glass. Others are mixed media with collages of painted papers, stickers, and acrylic among others. What I most enjoy is an experiment with many kinds of materials and techniques to create new artworks that I recently show in my new gallery/studio in Raanana.


My latest exhibitions:

Israel, France, the United States, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Colombia, Brazil, Czech Republic, Poland,  Switzerland, , among others.

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